Baha Yetkin

About me


Baha Yetkin’s musical journey is an exquisite blend of cultural fusion and groundbreaking accomplishments. Originating from the diverse melting pot of Istanbul, he effortlessly weaves together the intricate threads of both Eastern and Western musical heritage.

As a visionary artist, Baha collaborates seamlessly with luminaries from various backgrounds, ranging from Turkish virtuosos to flamenco masters in Spain. His pioneering spirit shines brightly as the first Turkish oud artist to enrapture audiences on prestigious stages such as the Royal Albert Hall and the renowned theaters of London’s West End, infusing these iconic venues with the soul-stirring melodies of the oud.

Through his debut album, “The Pearl,” and the captivating journey of “The Turkish Oud,” Baha Yetkin’s dedication to excellence and innovation resonates across digital platforms worldwide. Singles like “Emperian,” “Shine Again,” and “Tears of the Pearl” showcase his remarkable musical prowess, inviting listeners into a realm of enchantment and emotion.

His performances at esteemed concert halls and festivals across Turkey and Europe illuminate the global stage with his transcendent artistry. Each note he plays, each stage he graces, further solidifies his legacy as a luminary in the world of music—a masterful bridge-builder, uniting cultures and hearts through the universal language of melody.

Baha Yetkin’s musical odyssey is more than just a journey; it’s a symphony of cultural harmony and artistic brilliance that reverberates across continents and generations, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of musical history.

Played For

Nurhayat Besiz
Bulent Oral
Hayri Peksen
Demet Sagiroglu
Mustafa Keser
Yilmaz Morgul
Gokhan Sezen
Bekir Unluataer
Seda Gokkadar Beyaz
Bulent Ersoy
Zeki Cetin
Muazzez Abaci
Muazzez Ersoy
Adnan Senses
Haluk Bilginer
Cigdem Aslan
Alp Deniz
Tevrat Colak
Djanan Turan
Gokce Kilincer

Played With

Ahmet Meter
Halil Karaduman
Michalis Kouloumis
Petros Klampanis
Tolgahan Cogulu
Andy Findon
Nigel Lily
Miri Mesika
Tariq Merchant
Alim Qasimov

Play at

CRR Concert Hall
Zorlu PSM
Lutfu Kirdar Congre and Performance Hall
Oyun Atolyesi
Moda Sahnesi
CKM Performance Hall
Is Sanat
Badau Istanbul
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Shakespeare Company
Vortex Jazz Club
Donmar Warehouse
Royal Asiatic Society
Asia House
Green Note
Rebetiko Carnaval
Gongora Theatre
Alamar Fest.

Albums Involved In

Taylan Polat
Djanan Turan
Olcay Bayir
Tolgahan Cogulu
Iclal Aydin
Tevrat Colak
Burcin V
Alp Deniz
Billur Yapici
Ilke Humphries
Oguz Kaplangi


Sekspir’s Seven (Oyun Atolyesi) (2008-2009)
Fehim Pasa Konagi (Maltepe Council Theatre Collective) (2010)
12th Night (Is Sanat) (2012-2014)
Father Odysseus (Unicorn Theatre) (2016)
Unseen (short movie) (2017)
Midday Land (2019)
A Museum in Baghdad (2019)
The Band’s Visit (2022)

Teach at

Asiyan Music Association (2003-2012)
Kalkedon Flamenco Music and Art Association (2011-2015)
Hos Seda Art and Culture Centre (2016-2019)
Vatan Culturel Turkish Music Choir (2016-2018)
Yunus Emre Institute London (2016-Present)