Baha Yetkin

About Turkish Oud Method Vol.1

In this book, you are going to find Turkish-style Oud exercises written by Baha Yetkin.

This book is the first volume of three, it is for beginner-level learners, and uses basic English to make it understandable to even non-native English speakers. Our tuning is going to be D, A, E, B, F#, and C# from bottom to top (highest pitch to lowest).

A subject that I became aware of during my years at the conservatory, and concerning which my frustration grew over the years, pushed me to write this book on top of my other ongoing works today. We have a musical heritage more than six centuries old and we are still trying to convey this to the future by word of mouth, not in writing. With this system, this culture will eventually disappear or change. I have prepared this book in order to do something to prevent this, if only by a little bit, and to ensure that this great legacy is left to the people who come after us. This book will be my first work to be published and there will be more to come both for the oud and for Turkish music.

Exercise Videos

As everyone knows, everything is moving to the digital environment with the changing world. Instruments and music that only local people know and played for centuries can be listened to and learned in every corner of the world thanks to the internet and online platforms. Thanks to the internet, the OUD instrument, which has been included in the concerts and albums of many musicians and artists recently, is becoming more and more popular in the world.
I have been teaching the oud since 2003. I have had more than 1000 students so far. I prepared a method book to make more people love and teach the oud. I wanted to share the videos of the exercises and explanations of this method with you through the platforms below.